Gabriola Fitness has a rich history and has been loved by Gabriola since 2007.

The essence of the Gabriola Fitness Centre is community. We love and value our community! The diversity of fitness styles, movement practices, health and wellness is what makes our Centre great.

Looking for a personal trainer or fitness/yoga classes? Looking for a place to connect, move, and be around smiling healthy people? This is the place for you.

Jo-Jeff Dunbar and Tasha Mae are the proud owners and live locally with their 3 children. Besides being geeks who love movement, they also love the beaches. Nature is what originally brought them to beautiful Gabriola Island.

Jo-Jeff and Tasha come from a strong belief that people love to move in different ways and everyone has a unique story. Because of this, all levels, fitness styles and wellness practices are welcomed at the Gabriola Fitness Centre.

Whether you’re shy and just beginning, or whether you’ve been at it for years, they’ve created a space for you to feel comfortable and welcome.

Feel great, Love life!