Meet the Team

We are a small team of talented fitness professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Tasha Mae

Owner / Vijnana Yoga Instructor / HIIT / Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Movement is Tasha’s passion and she loves to share it with other people. She has currently been teaching yoga and fitness for 7 years. Tasha Mae has over 1500 hours of training and is an 800hour Internationally Certified Vijnana Yoga Teacher as well as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Class Instructor.

Jo-Jeff Dunbar

Owner / Personal Training / Powerlifting

Strength and Power are Jo-Jeff’s passion and he enjoys sharing it with others. He has been involved with weight training for over 20 years and a has been a certified personal trainer for the past 4 years.

Veronique Rioux

Group Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer / Yoga Teacher Trainer

Veronique has over 16 years as a Health and Fitness expert. She certified people as personal trainer, group fitness trainer, yoga teacher and circus arts leader. She is also certified medical exercise specialist, education assistant and community worker and is currently enrolled in her second year of a three year program to become a counsellor. Since a major accident at 19 years old, she has suffered multiple challenges and has experienced her way out of pain and injuries many times. She is passionate about health and fitness and have committed to inspire and empower people through a healthy lifestyle.

Jason White

Spin Instructor

Hi there! I currently live in Woodstock Ontario. For the last 8 years, I have taught RPM classes for Goodlife Fitness.

 Jo-Jeff Dunbar has been one of my best friends since we were young lads stirring up trouble.  In my spare time I love to golf , Olympic weightlifting, treadmill training, riding bike and walking my lovely dog Lola.

Spin class is as hard as you want it to be, it is all about what you want out of your workout. Execution of proper form in the beginning builds your foundation for growth. From there I help you grow stronger, build tolerance and achieve new goals. Rhythm, Power and Motion is key to your success to any spin cycling class. 

Follow queues, be honest with yourself, listen to your body, maximize effort and you will get stronger and faster.

What better way to build your cardio and muscular endurance while having fun to great music.

See you on the next ride!