The Gabriola Fitness Centre is the most welcoming, inclusive, and FUN gym I’ve ever been to. Classes are world class — a positive and friendly community where everyone is encouraged to get healthy and stay active together! Whatever your ability or energy levels, there’s a place for you here. ~ Paula Brent

Hi Tasha and Joe, I had my first gym visit today since the Covid-19 lock down. It was great to be back. You have done an excellent job of making the new guidelines workable and pleasant for everyone. Give yourselves a pat on the back for managing to get us all this far. ~ Charlotte Belair

“Great gym. It’s modern and clean, friendly smiles to greet you, and they offer fantastic classes. They make it easy to sign up for classes online!

I would highly recommend giving yourself the gift of fitness.” -Tina Lynch, Royal LePage, Gabriola Island

What does the Gabriola Fitness Centre mean to us?
We are a retired couple in our late 60’s, early 70’s and we have been full-time members of the “gym” for
over two years now. Getting up and going to do our workouts at least four mornings a week have
become part of our weekly routine and we feel so good afterwards! We have taken advantage of some
the great classes offered as well. Gabriola Fitness Centre has become an integral part of our health and
Not only do we feel healthier and fitter but this has translated into us being able to do some extensive
traveling in a way that we know we couldn’t do if we didn’t workout on a regular basis. We have been
reliving our 20’s by going on backpacking trips to South East Asia ( Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and
Thailand) the last couple of years. We travel on local transportation, go on treks into the mountains,
bike and generally walk a lot each day. Many times, as we have been hiking up a trail and pulling
ourselves over rocks in hot humid conditions have we said “Couldn’t do this if we didn’t go to the gym.”
So thank you Tasha and Jo-Jeff for making Gabriola Fitness Centre a fun place to go and where we can
continue to do the things that allows us to live a happy, healthy life!”

~ Jane and Blair Mann

I’m so glad to have discovered the Gabriola Fitness Centre. It’s been 3 weeks since I started and I’m already noticing a big shift in my posture and overall strength as well as an increase in my energy. Tasha and Jo Jeff are friendly and knowledgeable and it’s a great atmosphere to work out in!” – Naia Cumming

Tasha and Jo Jeffrey have set up this gym so there is equipment and room for anyone’s favorite exercise practice. I really like the atmosphere: it is bright, clean and the instructors are great! Get going Gabriola!” – Helen Cook

“I love this Gym!

I’m there at least 4x per week and it’s always clean, organized, and well equipped with everything I need for a good workout! The owners Tasha & JoJeff are fun, sociable and supportive and always eager to help or to explain things. I look forward to every workout!” – Nina Turczyn, Paprika Jewellery Studio & Gallery, Gabriola Island