Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens when I want to drop in to a class and it is outside of office hours?
    The office will always be open for class drop ins. The front door is unlocked 30 minutes before class and the office opens up. If you want to join a class, you are welcome to just stop in to see if there is space. All classes welcome drop ins!
  2. What if I want to bring a guest with me and it is outside of office hours?
    If you have an active membership at the Gabriola Fitness Centre you are welcome to bring a guest with you outside of office hours. We provide a ‘Guest Waiver Form’ on a clip board at the front desk. Please ensure that your guest fills out this form and puts the form, along with the $15 drop in fee, under the office door.
  3. How do I turn on/off the fans, tv’s and lights, or open/close the windows?
    Besides the bathroom lights, there is one main light switch just inside the front door. The fans all have a white cord hanging down that will turn it on and off and to different levels. The windows have locks – one on each side – and a centre turn handle to open and close it. The tv’s all have their own on/off button at the screen. If you are the last person to leave the fitness centre you are expected to turn everything off and make sure the windows are closed. Your diligence will help to keep the fitness centre secure and functioning well. Thank you!
  4. During office hours, when the door is open, do I still need to use my key fob?
    Yes. If you are using the gym space during office hours, when the front door is unlocked, you will still need to swipe your key fob to sign yourself in. If you are attending a class, only use your key fob if you are already signed up for the class.
  5. What do I do if someone comes in behind me without a key fob outside of business hours?
    If you are entering the Gabriola Fitness Centre and someone comes in behind you and does not have a key fob our security cameras will flag the situation and report it to us. Every person entering the building outside of office hours requires a key fob swipe. If you have any concerns about the entry please notify us through email or in person.
  6. If I am coming to the fitness centre with a friend, does the door need to shut between key fob swipes?
    No, the door does not have to shut between people entering. The door can remain open as each person uses their key fob.
  7. I am nervous about being there alone, what can I do about that?
    The Gabriola Fitness Centre has several options for security to help keep you safe. At the front desk there are personal tags that you can wear, or carry with you. These personal tags have a button on them that, when pressed for 2-3 seconds, will notify emergency personnel to come to help you. First responders will show up. There is a red 911 phone and a panic button at the front desk. The 911 phone is a direct line to 911 and the dispatch knows the address to the phone. The panic button, when pressed in, is a call to the police and someone from the department will arrive to help you. There is also security video surveillance. The footage is saved for approximately one month.
  8. How do I contact the owners/managers if there is an emergency that doesn’t require a 911 phone call?
    The phone number is posted on the front door, or you can use the contact page on our website. We appreciate hearing from you about any concerns that you may have.
  9. How do I renew my membership if the office is closed?
    If the office is closed, you can renew your membership online through our website gabriolafitness.com. On the home page click ‘member login’. On your first visit you will need to create a password by clicking ‘forgot password’. Once you set up your email and password you can log in and scroll to select the membership you wish to purchase. Follow the prompts. Make sure your name and address is filled in correctly on your profile before entering any credit card information.
  10. How do I buy a membership outside of office hours if I am not currently a member?
    Outside of office hours you can buy a membership online through our website. You will need to stop in during office hours to pick up your key fob to gain access. To buy a membership online go to our home page and click ‘Member login/sign up’. Scroll and select the membership you would like to purchase. Fill in the appropriate information and follow the prompts to complete the transaction. Make sure your name and address is filled in correctly on your profile before entering your credit card numbers.
  11. What do I do if I am the last person to leave the fitness centre?
    If you are the last person to leave the fitness centre, have a look around to make sure that all of the windows are closed and the fans and tv’s are turned off. Your diligence will help to keep the fitness centre secure and functioning well. Thank you for your attention to this.
  12. If I have a monthly membership AND a 10 pass, how does my key fob swipe know which one to draw from?
    If you have both a 10 pass and a monthly membership the key fob will automatically sign you in using your monthly membership UNLESS you are signed up for a class (then it will take a pass off and check you into the class). Alternatively, if your monthly membership has expired, a pass will be taken off with each visit.
  13. What if I need to stop in just to talk to someone in the office, do I need to use my key fob to get in for that? Will it take a pass off?
    During office hours, the front door is unlocked. You won’t need to use your key fob unless you plan to use the gym or attend a class.
  14. If I use one of my 10 passes to work out, and then have to go out to get something from my car, will it take another pass off when I come back in?
    When you sign in with a 10-pass membership there is a time frame allowance between taking another pass off. You are able to come and go with only one pass taken off for the duration of your stay.

We appreciate your continued support!
If you have any other questions, or if you have any feedback or concerns please let us know through the contact page.