Business Award

The Gabriola Fitness Centre takes the safety and comfort of our members to heart. We’ve made many upgrades to ensure that the facility is following the guidelines and regulations as set out by Island Health.

Masks are currently mandatory while inside and during your workouts. Visors are not accepted unless you are wearing a mask underneath.

Maximum capacity is 8 people at a time. Each person gets their own spray bottle with paper towel to wipe down the equipment before use (to protect yourself) and after (for the next person). There are only 8 spray bottles, which is an indicator to how many people are using the gym when you arrive.

We ask members to leave excess bags and items at home or in your car while visiting for your workout. Hand sanitizer is available at the front entrance, and change rooms have become ‘one person at a time’ bathrooms.

The Gabriola Fitness Centre cares about your air quality and air flow. We have open windows plus 3 air purifiers that contain HEPA filters specific for effectively trapping and reducing airborne bacteria, mold spores and particles that carry viruses.

We’ve built divider walls around equipment and added plexi glass walls between cardio machines.

Because the Gabriola Fitness Centre is a 24 hour key fob entry facility, the front door is locked at all times. Only members with a key fob, who’ve filled out the appropriate paperwork, will be coming in and out. This means no walk ins off the street. All transactions are done by appointment, online, or over the phone.

Every day the facility is cleaned thoroughly. Handles, taps, and all equipment is disinfected and wiped down.