About Us

The Gabriola Fitness Centre has a rich history and has been loved by Gabriola since 2007.

The essence of the centre is community. We love and value our community! The rich diversity of fitness styles, movement practices, health and wellness is what makes our centre great.

Looking for a personal trainer? We have 3 amazing trainers who can cover all the bases - power lifting, weight training, rehabilitation, core and strength essentials.

Looking for fitness classes? We offer Spin, Zumba, HIIT, Yoga, Body Toning and more - something for everyone!

Looking for a place to connect, move, and be around smiling healthy people? Drop in and check us out!

Feel Great, Love Life!

photo of Tasha Mae, co-owner of Gabriola Fitness
Tasha Mae, Owner
Vijnana Yoga Teacher, Fitness Classes, Personal Trainer

photo of Jo-Jeff, co-owner of Gabriola Fitness
Jo-Jeff Dunbar, Owner
ACSM Personal Trainer