A note from Tasha

Preparation is Key

We, as humans, prepare for all sorts of things. Wood for our stoves for the winter. A back up generator. Canned goods in the cupboard. We prepare our house for the guests who are about to arrive.

A friend of mine, a personal trainer from another city, once told me that a client asked her, “Do you work out so much because you’re obsessed with the way you look?” My friend quickly replied “Not at all. I work out so much so that when shit goes down, I’m ready.”

My friend went on to tell me that a main reason she works out is because she wants to know that in case of an emergency, or any other unforeseen event, she is going to be able to jump into action. She can carry her kids, help another person, or herself, in an instant.

I couldn’t agree more.

Have you taken the time to prepare your physical self in the same way you’ve prepared for other events in your life?

Your body is your number one resource. And it’s never too late to build up your resources.

Building up your physical strength not only enhances your daily experience but will aide you in unforeseen events. You can pull yourself up, push yourself out of, or run from a life threatening situation. It can help you save another person.

Here’s the cool thing:

You don’t have to do it alone!

There are people here to help you. Professionals that can guide you, work with you, and show you how to build functional strength.

A personal trainer is someone who is on your side helping you be the best version of yourself. A personal trainer is a coach that shows up for you, meeting you where you’re at, and guiding you to your optimal physical health.

I personally didn’t set out to be a personal trainer. I’ve always loved movement…AND eventually if you follow what you love it will lead you down paths you hadn’t thought of in the first place. That’s how I landed here ~ as a personal trainer and yoga/fitness instructor.

Jo-Jeff is another personal trainer at Gabriola Fitness. He’s a natural coach … and I secretly think he was born to be a trainer.

Being a personal trainer has taken me a bit by surprise. It’s different from other service industry careers. Working with a client over a long period of time, they become a part of your life. Cheering them on through their successes and helping them get back up after a fall. A coach. A side kick. A guide through the mysterious world of exercise and recovery.

Come and meet your local personal trainers on Saturday Dec 11 from 9 am – 2 pm at our Open House and Sale Event. Drop in at any point throughout the day to ask us questions and get a tour of the facility. If you just want to pop in to say hi – we’d LOVE that too!

Some other things you’ll find at the Open House and Sale Event on Sat, Dec 11:

  • CLOTHING!!!!! Shirts for sale that you can see, feel, and BUY!
  • Learn about UPCOMING PROGRAMS AND CLASSES!! Get your name on the list and sign up for an upcoming program that suits you best! There will be some new ones and some old favorites. Be the FIRST to find out!
  • Book your training session and ask us any questions!
  • SALE!!!!-> Buy a one year membership and receive 5% off! One day only/some restrictions apply

Let us help YOU have the best year yet in 2022!!!!! LET’S GO!!!!!🙌

Feel great, Love life!

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