A note from Tasha Mae

As one chapter ends, another begins. The chapter of summer is slowly winding down and a new one is beginning to show it’s face. The end of summer is often a time of reflecting, re-assessing, and renewing goals.

Which is what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been retreating inward, reflecting on what has been, and looking forward to where I would like to set my sights. I’m doing this on a personal note, as well as for Gabriola Fitness. From this place, a clear vision is emerging!

Strength and recovery.

For the last 5 years I’ve been searching to find a balance within many different movement modalities – strength training, cardio endurance, explosive power, agility, dance, yoga, climbing, boxing, jumping, and more. Each modality offers a specific wisdom and health benefit.

At first, combining modalities into a weekly routine seemed like an overwhelmingly impossible mission. One that was accompanied by questions like, “How can this possibly all fit together?” and, “Is that even realistic?”

Somehow, I knew there was a way. So I’ve been searching, learning, and practicing. Continuing to ask the same questions over and over. I’ve managed to incorporate many different forms of movement within every week and this has brought equilibrium to my heart, head, and body.

I truly believe that movement is a tool for healing, and will cure most ailments, bringing balance to the body / mind and boosting areas which may be lacking.

The weekly class schedule at Gabriola Fitness reflects this research. The theme of strength and recovery is a simple way to describe the outcome. Use our classes to support you in an area you need more support in, as well as to provide you with a balanced weekly schedule.

For example:

Maybe you have your workouts NAILED DOWN!!! YEAH!!… but not so much in the recovery department. Recovery means that the tissues of your body become hydrated, smooth, and lengthened. Tight muscles and tendons soften increasing your range of motion within joints and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Recovery is vital to your overall health, and vital to gaining strength or any movement skill. Recovery classes offered at Gabriola Fitness include Recharge and Sunday Morning Yoga plus pre-recorded classes you can access anytime.

Another example:

Maybe you LOVE yoga, stretching, breathing and walking … but you notice you’re losing muscular strength. Having strength enables you to do many things with ease and is a massive confidence booster. Strength building classes offered at Gabriola Fitness include Full Body Toning, Circuit Hour, HIIT, as well as pre-recorded classes you can access anytime.

Bit by bit, week by week, with consistency, you become stronger. Stronger in your body, stronger in your mind, at the same time calming your nervous system and taking time for self care.

This coming season, strengthen your body, and your mind, with new challenges. Challenges that wake you up and build confidence. Schedule weekly classes that help calm your nervous system and revitalize your soul. Set some new goals!

This is my wish for you… and it is my goal to help create an environment where this is not only possible, but easily accessible.

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Times have been uncertain, and many people are enjoying feeling safe in their home. This doesn’t mean we need to also isolate and remain separate! Many people have exclaimed how much our online classes have helped them stay connected and active in a convenient and accessable way.

Your loyalty has not gone unnoticed!! A large portion of my reflection on this past year has been about you!!!! I get excited when I think about how awesome the Gabriola Fitness community is!! YOU are the reason Gabriola Fitness is alive and well!! YOU are the reason I wake up and smile each day because I get to do something (and go somewhere) I love! With deep bows of gratitude and respect ~ thank you.

LET’S GO!!!!!! 🙂

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