A note from Tasha

Jo-Jeff and I were talking the other day about the fact that we aren’t training for something.  Meaning, we aren’t in a sport or training for something specific like a marathon. 

How do you design your workouts when you’re not training for something?

The reason we’ve been talking about this is because lately both of us have had to adapt our personal workouts to accommodate the effect of the additional life stresses on our physical health.   Because of the stresses from the last year we’ve been re-writing our workouts to assist our personal health, increase our energy, and decrease symptoms of stress in our body. 

Jo-Jeff and I workout because we’ve fallen in love with how good it feels to be healthy AND regular exercise is numero uno on the list of what to do to feel physically great… right up there with eating well and breathing. 

We’ve each developed different workout styles…and we LOVE our workouts.  Currently, we’re pushing out of our comfort zones so we can reach new limits with our physical health.  And it’s working.

When you’re training for something specific there will be specific exercises to get you there. 

When you’re simply interested in physical health, the exercises (or activities) that you love a will need to be enhanced or adapted over time, as your body and your life will most certainly also change.

Your body LOVES to move.  It was MADE to MOVE.  The question is, “HOW does it love to move?”  Walking?  Kayaking? Lifting heavy weights?  Dancing?  Sport?  Swimming?  Climbing?  Hiking?  Yoga?

Sooner or later, the one way you love to move won’t be enough. 

Cross training is REAL. …and for everyone.

Here’s an example:

Say you LOVE kayaking. Sooner or later you’ll find that from the repetitive movements you’ll develop some aches and pains OR weaknesses in your body that you’ll have to get sorted out before you continue…  or you’ll find that you need to develop an aspect of physical fitness to enable you to do it in the first place (or better, or for longer periods of time)

This is where Gabriola Fitness comes in.  The equipment, and the expertise, to help you do more of what you love.

… another example:

Maybe you LOVE gardening but you find that your back is hurting and your shoulders are starting to round forward.  In order to keep gardening, you’ll need to take care of your body with exercises to help bring your shoulders back, possibly strengthen your glutes, or learn how to bend properly with ease.

…and one more:

Maybe you love fishing, boating, or sailing.  Developing core strength is an essential component to staying steady on the boat.  Or what if you fall out of the boat?  You will need the strength to pull yourself back up out of the water!

Cross training is fairly simple as there is not a wrong or right method.  Simply add in an exercise or activity to your weekly routine that is different from what you are used to.

Try to create your weekly workouts with a combination of activities.  Keep on doing the activities you love, and keep your main goals as a focus, but add in something new to the mix that is completely different than you’re used to. 

Us the list below to inspire you to add in something new and create your own cross training plan! Cardiovascular activities:  Running/walking  Cycling  Rowing  Competitive sports (i.e. basketball, tennis)  Stair climbing  Cardio HIIT  Dance Fitness Swimming   Hiking   Resistance Training activities:  Free weights  core workout  Olympic weightlifting  Kettlebell exercises  Bodyweight exercise (i.e. push up, body weight squats, planks)  Resistance band exercises  Strength group fitness class   Recovery activities:  Yoga  Static Stretching  Foam rolling  meditaion
Ask for help if you need to so you can incorporate your new exercise safely. 

Jo-Jeff and I are both personal trainers and are happy to help!  Read more about us here.

Gabriola Fitness also offers a library of recorded classes to choose from, or live weekly classes for you to join (weekly drop in classes are included with monthly memberships). 

Classes are a great way to try something new, and learn new exercises!  Read more about classes here.

Feel great, Love life!

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