Tanya Gambrill lifting weights at Gabriola Fitness
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Meet Tanya Gambrill …

Tanya is a superhero.  She’s overcome major injuries and we’ve had the absolute pleasure of witnessing first hand her dedication and humble perseverance.  She knows that with the right mindset, you can overcome anything.  She’s sharing her story in hopes that it inspires you!  Here is her story:

How long have you had a regular exercise routine?

Most of my adult life.  It has taken different forms over the years.  I spent much of my late 20’s, and into my 30’s, practicing yoga with Flo Dedame.  A beautiful practitioner and an insightful guru.  Now I practice yoga and I really enjoy my time at the gym.  Free weights, elliptical for cardio, and all the other great equipment that is whipping me into shape.

How many days per week do you go to the gym for your workouts?

About 4 times per week. 

How long is your average workout session?

1.25  to 1.5 hours

You’ve had to overcome some major injuries.  Can you share with us what they were, and what has helped you the most in healing from them?

Well, over the last few years I have definitely had a few set backs. I was suffering from pain high in my right leg, possibly my groin. Turned out I had a break through my femur bone with a few small fractures as well. Very strange, I hadn’t fallen or had any type of trauma to the area, bizarre…It was a fairly long recovery, starting with no weight on my right leg for 2 months. I was on the road to recovery, doing well when I started to suffer from a similar pain, high in my left leg. It turned out that I had broken my left femur in exactly the same spot as my right?!? Ridiculous or what?!? I am not sure how this is possible, but I feel grateful to have a specialist still trying to find some answers to make sense of things. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia around the same time, complicating things. However, life is long and often we are forced to reevaluate our  life and what direction we are taking, how we got to where we are, and what feels important for the future.I have been slim my entire life until this point. The added weight was discouraging as well as cumbersome. I knew that in order to keep my mobility, I would need to do more than a causal walk every few days. I needed gym time with all it has to offer. First day I stepped on the elliptical, it was tough, but I did it. I used the machines which are helpful when you’re not sure of what you need. Then I started asking questions of people around me, of Tasha Mae and Jo Jeff, until things started to make sense. I found exercise sequences online that worked for me.

I started to see results.  I’m not talking about a huge amount of weight loss, but a shift in my body.  I did, and continue to see weight loss, but what is most remarkable is the return of some strength.  If feels good and keeps me motivated.

I’m not saying that I have only good days and that I am free of all pain.  What I am saying is that when I create time to go to the gym, to be physical, it helps my body and spirit.

It’s not easy, but it’s getting easier.
You just need to start.

What are the challenges to maintaining that regular routine?

I think time is often a barrier.

What advice would you give to someone to help them overcome the challenges of maintaining a regular routine?   

I would remind them that they are worth it. That a workout is not a waste of time!  Caring for your physical health is a necessity. Think of it as a gift for yourself.

What is your favorite exercise?  Why?

I really have been enjoying the free weights. I think it’s because it gets my heart rate going and I can feel my muscles working at the same time. It’s a great feeling!!

If someone wants to get started, but doesn’t know how to, what would you say to that person?

Talk to someone who you know who is into working out. If that’s not an option, call the gym, explain you have a bit of fear around getting started.  Book a personal training session. I know that Joe-Jeff asks what your goal is or if he can walk you around, explain the equipment and give you some insight on what equipment might help you reach your goal. That is what I did.

How do you feel about continuing to workout at the Gabriola FItness Centre during the global pandemic of Covid-19?

I feel completely safe at the gym. Tasha and Joe-Jeff have complied with every suggestion that the health authorities have advised on. I believe they have gone over and above all suggestions. And thank goodness because the gym has been a huge part of my life. Helping to getting my strength and confidence back! 

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