Terressa and Lois at Gabriola Fitness
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Meet Terressa and Lois …

When it comes to mental and physical health, these two ladies are doing it right!  They’ve agreed to share their incredible story in hopes to inspire YOU … read on:

How long have you had a regular exercise routine? 
T – Before I moved to Gabriola I attended Yoga for many years.  I moved here almost three years ago, and With Lois’s encouragement, I joined Zumba at the Gym and also a fitness group at the Community centre.  In June of 2019 I officially joined the gym.
L – I’ve been exercising most of my life on and off but since retiring twenty six years ago my exercise routine has been pretty regular.

How old were you when you started?  
T – I joined the gym when I was 59.
L – I was fifty when I first started exercising regularly at the Community Hall.

You two find support and accountability from each other.  Can you tell us how that started and what it has meant to you?
T – I have known Lois for many years and she has always been an big inspiration to me.  This just seemed the the perfect next step.  Having her encouragement and support is what drives me to continue in all aspects of my life – fitness is just a bonus.
L – We’ve been friends for over thirty years and we both have always exercised in one form or another so when Terressa retired and moved here around four years ago it was just natural that we would get together to exercise.  Having Terressa for my gym buddy has been a game changer for me as she is so reliable and a great motivator.  Also she’d kick my butt if I didn’t show up.

How many days per week do you go to the gym for your workouts?  Do you two always go together?

T – We go 2 – 3 times a week. We set the days and times and just show up. Knowing the someone is counting on me makes me show up. It’s great to have the online class options through the gym too in case I don’t go.
L – We work out three days a week pretty much without fail. We take our own cars and meet at the gym that way the only obligation to each other is to show up. No phone calls, no excuses.

How long is your average workout session?
T – Usually one hour
L – About one hour.

Did a coach or a personal trainer help you develop your exercise routine?  If not, how did you learn it?  If so, how long did you work with a coach or personal trainer before you felt ready to branch out on your own?
T – I had Jo-Jeff set me up with a work out routine in the beginning.  He was very helpful in showing me the machines and what exercises to do.  I followed that for about a month then tried other things at the gym 
L – About two years ago I thought I needed to ramp up my exercise routine and signed up for some personal training from Jo-Jeff.  I think I worked with Jo-Jeff for a couple of months after which I took out a full membership to the gym. I always told Jo-Jeff that he changed my life in regards to exercise, he is a great instructor.

What would you say the benefits are to having a regular exercise routine?
T – When you have a regular routine, it just becomes part of your life .  
L – The benefits to a regular exercise routine are probably too numerous to mention however, I think the number one reason is the benefit to your overall health .  It’s good for my mental health, my posture has improved and I feel very strong and unrestricted in my movements.

What are the biggest challenges to maintaining that regular routine?  Do you still find challenges even having a friend for support?
T – I have to say the biggest challenge is making myself go.  I know if I didn’t have Lois depending on me to be there it would be easy to not go. 
L – I personally don’t find it a challenge to maintain a regular routine. I like going to the gym to find my buddy already beating away on the treadmill, and I know that I’ve got an hour that’s all about me and my work out.

What advice would you give to someone to help them overcome the challenges of maintaining a regular routine?  
T – You just have to go.  I can always think of some excuse not to go but in the end I always feel so much better and it gets my day going.
L – First of all give it time.  It takes a while to realize the benefits of exercise and to feel the full effects of it.  Also if possible have at least a few personal training session which will show you how to do things correctly, encourage and motivate you.

If someone wants to get started, but doesn’t know how to, what would you say to that person?
T – One step at a time.  Learn the equipment, ask question.  Soon you will be very comfortable at gym
L – Pick a date and walk into the gym, the rest will probably be history.  I never thought I’d work out in a gym but here I am two years later and I’ve never felt better and and I’ve never looked back.  Just do it!
What is your favorite exercise?  Why?
T – Right now my favourite is the Dead Lift. Lois and I took a private lesson from Tasha to learn the techniques of dead lifting.  We now pick one of our days to dedicate to the warm ups, the dead lifting and the stretching. It’s fun to add a little more weight each week. 
L – Terressa and I took a lesson from Tasha Mae on how to correctly do a dead lift and that’s my favourite exercise.  We do that routine on Wednesdays and I really look forward to it.  
How do you feel about continuing to workout at the Gabriola FItness Centre during the global pandemic of Covid-19?
T – I feel totally comfortable as Tasha Mae and Jo-Jeff have done a great job in sectioning off the different exercise stations and making sure all Work Safe rules are complied with.  I’m just grateful that the gym stayed open during Covid 19. 
L – I feel totally comfortable as Tasha Mae and Jo-Jeff have done a great job in sectioning off the different exercise stations and making sure all Work Safe rules are complied with.  I’m just grateful that the gym stayed open during Covid 19.  

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