Lou Skinner performing Roman Chair exercise at Gabriola Fitness
Member Spotlight

Meet Lou Skinner …

For her 65th birthday present she joined the Gold Star Training Program at the Gabriola Fitness Centre.  Her dedication to learning weightlifting and develop a consistent weekly routine is something to aspire to!!!

She hopes her story will inspire YOU ❤ 

How long have you had a regular exercise routine?

I have been physically active my whole life mostly through sports and I still play slow pitch here on Gabriola. I was a runner for about 30 years. I only started going to the gym regularly since Gold Star Training started in February 2020.

How old were you when you started?

I started running when I was about 22. I started taking classes at the gym about 3 years ago when I was 62. I started with weights when I was 64.

How many days per week do you go to the gym for your workouts?

3x/ week Sometimes I do an online class as well

How long is your average workout session?

70 minutes

Did a coach or a personal trainer help you develop your exercise routine?

Tasha did. I felt ready to branch out on my own after the Gold Star Training Program

What would you say the benefits are to having a regular exercise routine?

A regular routine gives me a chance to make a plan to develop different muscle groups in a logical way. When I started my shoulders looked like my 95 year old mother’s and I had the underarm second wave. It’s satisfying to see the changes and feel strong.

What are the biggest challenges to maintaining that regular routine?

Getting out the door when you don’t feel like it.

What advice would you give to someone to help them overcome the challenges of maintaining a regular routine?

It helps to establish what days to go each week and stick to it.  It would be too easy to say, ‘I’ll go tomorrow’ and then not follow through.  Find a buddy who is also on the fitness journey. My friend Beth seemed to know just when to text to get me into a class or to the gym.  She also gave me ideas for exercises.  Also, think of real life goals. For example, I want to be able to throw the baseball from first base to third.  Season starts in April (I hope). And, in case I am ever lucky enough to be a grand parent, I want to be able to lift up a preschooler.

If someone wants to get started, but doesn’t know how to, what would you say to that person?

Book a personal training session with Tasha and make a manageable plan. Do some of the online classes.

What is your favorite exercise?  Why?

Roman chair because I feel strong in my core and back. I also like assisted pull ups with the giant elastic because it’s getting a little easier each time and I hope one day I can do a pull up without the elastic.

How do you feel about continuing to workout at the Gabriola Fitness Centre during the global pandemic of Covid-19?

I feel good about it. The tape on the floor and partitions help us space ourselves out and the new air filters and open windows gives good air circulation.

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