Ted Caldwell using kettle bells at Gabriola Fitness
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Meet Ted Caldwell …

His dedication to regular exercise shows!  In fact, it shows so much we asked him if we could share his story. He humbly agreed to let us take his picture and ask him some questions.  He only agreed in hopes that it may inspire someone to begin.

How long have you had a regular exercise routine?

Close to eighteen years and most all of it on Gabriola.  It all started when my wife bought me a gift certificate to the gym for a Christmas present.

How old were you when you started?


How old are you now? 

Eighty two  

How many days per week do you go to the gym for your workouts?

Three days a week.  

How long is your average workout session?

About one hour and twenty minutes.

Did a coach or a personal trainer help you develop your exercise routine?  If not, how did you learn it?  If so, how long did you work with a coach or personal trainer before you felt ready to branch out on your own?

I worked on my own for a couple of years and then got a personal trainer for approximately six weeks.

What would you say the benefits are to having a regular exercise routine?

The benefits as I see it, it slows down the aging process and helps maintain my flexibility and balance.

What are the biggest challenges to maintaining that regular routine?

I don’t find it a challenge as it is just part of my regular lifestyle.  

What advice would you give to someone to help them overcome the challenges of maintaining a regular routine?

If possible  have a buddy system, someone who each of you can rely on and has the same goals as you.  

If someone wants to get started, but doesn’t know how to, what would you say to that person?

Pick a date and go for it.  My advice would be to consult a personal trainer right from the beginning.

What is your favorite exercise?  Why?

Using the kettle bells as I feel I get a full body workout.  Truthfully, my very favorite is putting on my street shoes and heading home.

How do you feel about continuing to workout at the Gabriola FItness Centre during the global pandemic of Covid-19?

I feel comfortable in the gym.  Jo-Jeff and Tasha have done a fabulous job following Covid 19 protocol to keep their client safe.
Cheers, Ted

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