Personal Training

photo of Nancy Boyes


I work exclusively with seniors. Posture is the foundation of all the work we do and it is rewarding to see my clients develop better posture as they gain greater strength, balance coordination and best of all, confidence. I match the pace to the individual and recognize that small improvements will yield great results. I want my clients to have fun and enjoy the process of becoming more mobile, active and independent. I have a certificate in personal training from BCRPA. In addition, I have studied extensively in the area of senior fitness.
$60/hour; senior package: 12 sessions at $40/hour

photo of Mara


Like most dancers, I am a posture nerd. Figuring out and fixing postural dysfunctions and ineffective movement patterns is exciting for me. I love putting all the pieces together; from toes to fingertips and then watching for progress! BCRPA Certified in fitness theory, Pilates, mat and standing, Elite Athlete training and teen fitness. I use my 25 years of experience to start at the core, pelvis and spine to realign, strengthen and stretch bodies...from prenatal, injury rehabilitation to pro athlete...Pilates may surprise you.

photo of Jo


I began weight training at the early age of 14 when I found myself the lucky recipient of a 1 year free membership at the local fitness club. At 6’2” and very thin, weight training provided the perfect avenue for me to improve my strength and size. 25 years later I continue to train daily with the same grit and determination to become bigger and stronger. I am currently Certified as an (ACSM) personal trainer. My primary concern is on assisting my clients achieve their fitness goals while practicing proper form and technique. My focus is to help build muscle, strength and power through the use of free weights and compound movements.