About Us

Nancy Boyes took a circuitous route to arrive at her career in fitness – she became a graphic designer. When former husband Stanley Boyes bought The Gabriola Fitness Centre in 2011, Nancy joined him to work as a receptionist. Her intention was to work on design projects while at the front desk, but meeting the gym members changed her focus.

As Nancy became more intrigued with the gym, and less with her design work, she became aware that what she was missing from her work life was the ability to help people in a purposeful way. She then began the long process of achieving her personal trainer certification through BCRPA.

Nancy’s goal is to provide a professional, comfortable environment for men and women of all ages, but she is especially interested in how fitness helped members redefine “old age”. Members in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and even in their 90s are vibrantly healthy and active. They are enjoying retirement, travelling, entertaining and maintaining their homes.

Nancy will soon be offering OsteoFit classes for seniors at the gym, as another opportunity for safe and effective fitness. “Every age needs to focus on correct form, core and posture for best results and to avoid injury – that is the focus of this gym. Older people, or those who have not exercised in a while can feel hesitant about joining a gym, but our emphasis here is on achieving and maintaining good health – we don’t have a “hard body, city gym” mentality. We have all the equipment of a city gym, but none of the attitude.”

Regular exercise affects everything in a hugely positive way – our moods, digestion, energy, sex life, sense of humour, cognitive ability and ability to cope with stress. Ultimately, Nancy wants the gym workout to enhance what people already do in their lives – whether they are marathon runners or weekend walkers.

Drop by the gym, take a tour of the facilities, and have a chat with Nancy about how she can help you develop a safe, effective workout – with very impressive results. Your health is worth it.